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World Deal Traders LLC. USA is a Texas based company & a leading international distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). We have extensive experience in procurement, distribution and international trade.
We are serving directly & through our partners in United States, Canada, Dubai, Indonesia, Australia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Mozambique and Oman.
We have established relationships with multiple manufacturers, national distributors, local wholesalers and supermarket chains.

Supermarket Chains

Stock over 7,000 products in 150,000 square feet state of the art facility in Houston, Texas
Consolidation of major US products for supermarket customers
Specialized in handling of large export orders
Multiple mixed product containers
Procurement of merchandise and international shipping services
And Best Prices!

Global Distributors

Exclusive distribution rights of well-known brands
Good margins, branding and marketing support
Brands chosen for quality of products, varieties, longer shelf life and demand
Key account management and merchandising
Support for product registration with local authorities
Customizing labels according to local requirements

Manufacturers’ & Brands

Network of established distribution in multiple countries
Combined resources of reaching out to a network of over ten thousand retailers
Our distributors have state of the art warehouse facilities with temperature control spaces fleet for transporting goods
Local resources for branding and marketing

Traders and wholesalers

Best Prices among others
Container load of one or basket (mix) of products
All fast moving branded and private label consumer goods for fast turnaround
Ability to mix from different vendors


11707 S Sam Houston PKWY West Suite D, HOUSTON TEXAS, 77031

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